Friday, February 3, 2012

The Harbor.

I attend a church while at school called The Harbor, its a Christian church with an amazing community of God loving people. Last week we had a visitor Pastor who talked to us about Isaiah and about how God wants to multiply the community and bring us all into his joy. He talked about how we need to seek the 'joy of the harvest' at all times to see the Lords joy. He then at the end of his sermon asked that if anyone wanted to come to the front to reconnect with our connection to the Lord and after a little bit of singing and reflecting on his words I went up to the front. My friend Alyssa came and prayed with me and asked the Lord to come into my heart more and show me how deep his love for me is. Then the college pastor John came over and and prayed with me. He told me that God doesn't need me to change who I am to worship him and that was something I really needed to hear.
I've been trying to pray on that and see why people made me feel like I needed to change who I was to follow the Lord and it was something that was bothering me. I grew up hearing that God loved me for me but I've some how been doubting that because of what I've been hearing. But once John told me that I knew that I had been thinking the wrong thoughts.
Sometimes the Lord works in amazing ways and always helps you to hear him through your heart or through the words of other people.

The people walking in darkness 
   have seen a great light; 
on those living in the land of deep darkness 
   a light has dawned. 
3 You have enlarged the nation 
   and increased their joy; 
they rejoice before you 
   as people rejoice at the harvest
-Isaiah 9:2-3

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